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Donations - SifVerT- - 01-08-2019


Space Life Online depends on your contribution for future expansion and better capacity. If you would like to be generous towards us, show gratitude for a good service and be a sponsor you have the below links. It will not lead to quicker progress or something similar to so-called "pay-to-win".

Donors might get to choose a unique planet with its settings, a planet with only them able to build bases on but where non-paying players can go to mine on or do POIs. This offer is a fair way to reward donors and yet allow others access to what can make them progress. A donor cannot wish for any starter planet, new or existing, to be exclusive to them.

Note: No donor will be able to buy themselves resources, bases, ships or levels.

But a donor will be kept in a high regard, I am obviously thankful for people who contribute to the community of ours and while you can't buy yourselves exclusive progress, I'll be more inclined to listen to wishes etc for the future of Space Life Online, this you will have to respect

Space Life Online started as a hobby project for me, but taking care of a game server in this type of game I have found to be so stimulating it almost feels like more than a hobby some days, I see it like some sort of duty to provide my favorite genre of games to people in the best way possible. Remember I tune Space Life Online the way I myself find excitement from it and I do some days jump in and play in person, when administrating the server does not take up all of the time I have.

Donation Perks

$2/month Discord rank
$10/month Own teleporter access between two points, but some restrictions may apply on where
$25/month Own planet, plus the teleporter access above, although other players can travel to and mine on it but not build bases

Donation Alternatives

- You can donate by PayPal using this link: 

[Image: PP_logo_h_200x51.png]

- You can subscribe to donate a sum monthly through Patreon:

[Image: become_a_patron_button.png]

RE: Donations - SifVerT - 03-20-2019

Please leave a comment on what you are called on PayPal or Patreon and how much you donated in a PM to me, in order for me to keep check on this particularly in order to distribute the perks associated.