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Server Wipe January 27, 2019 - SifVerT- - 01-17-2019


Edit: The server wipe was moved to Sunday 27th for convenience

We plan for a new game round on the 1st of February when everything on the server is wiped. The wipe is performed in order to solve some game issues (e.g. drones) and bring in Eleon updates to playfield files for the default Akua-Omicron scenario which ours is based upon.

This is the planning ahead, but should there come an Eleon game breaking patch or too big an update we might have to wipe sooner, although it can also be that we wipe later, if for example Eleon announces that A10 would be that quickly developed and published in February.

RE: Server Wipe February 1, 2019 - SifVerT- - 01-26-2019


Setting the server wipe earlier than planned and so we'll see a new game world tomorrow Sunday if all goes well. It's a new seed, i.e. new look of how the planets look, except Omicron, Kralos, Emeroon, Qayop and Vaarmyn which keep their old configurations. We're keeping the modded typical Akua-Omicron Eleon world with the listed extra planets plus Dhalus.

All starter planets are updated in such a way the stock PDA missions should be doable. Drone bases will not be destructible and hence you can't stop them from coming. This is a solution for a game bug I unfortunately had to use, because if a drone base is taken out it never recovers. You will see this as 'Invincible Drone Base' on the map and you have nothing to do there to stop it and it is equipped with homing missile turrets so simply stay clear, will you?

So drones is standard issue on Space Life Online, on all planets except Kralos and this planet has a very low class limit for structures, so you don't get any ideas. You do play on a PvE server you have to remember.

Last but not least I must tell that rare resources will be much harder to acquire next, all tier 2 and 3 resources (Sathium, Neodymium, Erestrum and Zascosium) are guarded by POIs. This will make it harder to befriend every faction too...

Comfort is I didn't reduce the number or size of deposits for the upcoming version, you just have to fight a little to get to them. Hopefully you can look at it objectively and agree it was way to easy to get resources in Space Life Online v2.

RE: Server Wipe January 27, 2019 - SifVerT- - 01-27-2019

Server was wiped on 27th of January, 2019 @ around 3 PM Server Time, and Space Life Online version 3 came live. Read about changes in the Changelog thread.

Will announce the next wipe closer to the date it will occur as no date is planned at the time being, but like I have said it is planned to run until the summer of 2019.  However, if Eleon releases a patch which breaks the current game version or updates the game in such a way a wipe is required, it may come earlier than I have foreseen.