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Indestructible Cores - SifVerT- - 01-14-2019

EDIT: Read the latest post of mine


A new change is all Admin Alien cores are also made indestructible in order to prevent exploitation since there is a glitch which may allow a player to anyways destroy the core without doing the actual POI as intended. It isn't an optimal solution in my opinion, but I consider the shooting through the walls of POIs into the core room isn't playing the game as it's supposed to be played.

I know the salvaging of POIs after taking out the core is a way of people to easily get their hands on cheap materials to build their bases, and this will now be impossible. I had already been thinking about nerfing the yield of the multitool when using it to salvage. I understand some of you might get upset by this new decision, I did somehow compensate it by adding extra rare alien containers which often contain such as Sathium ingots.

Furthermore, I might add missions which give some ingots as a reward and can be run like dailies. This can nicely be covered up like Polaris missions since they are into mining.

So guys, look at it from a positive aspect instead of negative, it can be solved by giving meaning to such as missions.

RE: Indestructible Cores - SifVerT- - 01-14-2019

PDA missions which can be run on a daily basis will be added to compensate for this drastic change in how POIs are set up. The missions will involve doing tasks on such as the POIs which have been changed, and the reward will be items like Sathium ingots.

RE: Indestructible Cores - SifVerT - 03-18-2019


I changed my mind and POI cores are now destructible again, however you still have to fight on foot to take out the core before the majority of blocks are destructible. Almost all Zirax POIs have been updated at this time.

RE: Indestructible Cores - SifVerT - 03-18-2019

Unstuck thread.