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Full Version: POIs with Alien Admin Core
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From now on every enemy POI in the game will have the Alien Admin Core which means they can only be taken out by reaching the core on foot i.e. to take out the POI as they are intended to be taken out. What it technically means is that only some parts of POIs can be destroyed before the core has been dealed with, such as turrets and spawner pads. Doors are set to open also to the player except if the POI programming contains a labyrinth style where hidden levers will open essential doors.

If you do the below it helps a lot to copy the installation folder of Empyrion somewhere else and use that exe and game folder.

Template of what is done on a POI with Alien Admin Core:
  • Replace the core with an Alien Admin Core
  • Damage every block which the player is supposed to be able to breach: turrets, spawners,¬†secret passageways except the doors (see below)
  • Set every door to public by changing the lock code to 0000
  • Save the POI with the same name as before (overwrite) but do not change anything about its blueprint group or such

When you have saved the POI you have overwritten the prefab one and so you can send it to me on Discord or upload it on Google Drive or similar.

Here is a list of the currently modded POIs, so that if you wish you can help me in my effort to mod the remaining ones:

Abandoned Drone Factory
Abandoned Factory
Abandoned Mine
Abandoned Reactor
Alien Tower 1 to 4
Dead8Eye HQ
Drone Base Norvena
Drone Base Pharos
Drone Base Savinwrath
Epsilon Avanced Com Center
Epsilon Advanced Fortress
Epsilon Advanced Outpost
Epsilon Com Center
Epsilon Com Center Large
Epsilon Defence I & II
Epsilon Drone Factory
Epsilon Factory
Epsilon Fortress
Epsilon Radar Dish
Epsilon Hangar
Epsilon Outpost
Epsilon Radar Station
Epsilon Spaceport
Epsilon Spaceport Large
Epsilon Drone Base
Ghost Adv Drone Port
Ghost Power Station
Ghost Stealth Outpost
Ghost Support Base
Ghost Drone Port
Ghost Power Station T2
Ghost Base I
Ghost Base II
Ghost Bio Lab
Ghost Defence I
Ghost Defence II
Ghost Defence IV
Ghost HQ
Ghost Drone Base
Ghost Stealth T2
Ghost Support
(Xenu) Mining Complex
Planet Vessel Base HQ 1 to 3
Rados Adv Base
Rados Adv Com Center
Rados Adv Oxy Depot
Rados Adv Supply Station
Rados Base
Rados Com Center
Rados Missile Silo
Rados Oxy Depot
Rados Power Station
Rados Refinery
Rados Supply Station
Rados Drone Base
Serdu Monastery
Xenu Adv Armory
Xenu Adv Power Station
Xenu Adv Radar
Xenu Adv Space Port
Xenu Adv Vehicle Port
Xenu Armory
+ Every other Xenu POI
What I mean above is that I'm asking people to help me in this work.