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March 14, 2019


- Instance Alien Base updated:

* Clone Chamber added inside its own little (vain) building at the starting point portal plus some goodies
* Clone Chambers inside Alien Base deactivated (made non-public) to avoid spawning there
* SV Interceptor upgraded with two rocket launchers instead of two of its gatling guns and ammo for them placed in the ammo box nearby

- Server now accepts blueprints of size class 10, up from 7.
March 16, 2019

- Almost all deco blocks' energy consumption turned to 0 instead of using energy. Deco blocks have no usefulness except being for spicing up the structures and no meaning giving them an energy usage.
March 18, 2019

- Virtually all Zirax POIs now have a destructible Alien Admin Core

Bug fix:
- The PDA mission for the Alien Base instance should now complete when shutting down the core
March 21, 2019

- Players starting on Metan get a laser pistol and some ammunition to start with
- Added donor planet Lantia - owner only base construction on planet
- The missile speed of rocket drones increased from 40 to 75
- Cannon drones fire at a more rapid speed and inflict slightly more damage
- POI Command Base now properly a POI and holds a treasure
- POI Alien Base Large for the instance with similar name has been updated slightly, every entrance door can now not be used

Bug fixes:

- The hangar doors in Alien Base Large in the instance with a similar name have been fixed and remain open
- Stuck drones on Qayop fixed
March 26, 2019

- The ending of the instance Alien Base again ends in the player blowing up the core
- Blowing up the core above opens the previously locked doors
- Clone chambers removed inside of Alien Base
- After request by Angelus, Lantia has been changed to a temperate planet
March 27, 2019

- Blueprint factory speed setting changed to fast
- All player body armor types' durability was increased by 100% (actually changed yesterday morning)
Mach 27 supplemental

- Made the PDA tutorial mission 'Space Council HQ' slightly longer
- Added a starter assault mission for Omicron solo players to take out an easier POI
March 28, 2019

- Updated mission 'Beginner's Assault' so it is in the tutorial category

Bug fixes:

- Fixed typo in the PDA scripting file pda.yaml which caused the server to pop up an error at start and the PDA inaccessible
- Fixed coding issue in the daily mission called 'Hack the Core' and arranged so the mission can be done and adjusted the reward
- Also fixed the daily mission for Zirax called 'Reclaim the Factory' and changed the reward
- Fixed the mission chain called 'Totally Overpowered'
March 30, 2019

Bug fixes:

- All available PDA missions should now be working as intended including the long chain missions
- No missions steps can be skipped. This was added by Eleon as a sort of debug, but it can be used as an exploit.
March 31, 2019

- The tutorial mission Space Council HQ finally became alike the tutorial that was originally planned but previously unfinished due to bugs in the game mechanics
- Space Council HQ has got mysterious new portals installed currently leading nowhere and got floor 3 decorated
- Death trap on one of the custom Zirax POIs reinstalled
- The POI '(Zirax) Stronghold' has a slightly updated design
- New mission to take out the Zirax Stronghold called '[Very Hard] Mission Impossible' in the PDA
- New low level mission on Temperate and Alien starters leading the player towards an easier POI called '[Easy] Turrets everywhere! Where to strike?"
- Most POIs now have Land Claim Devices so players cannot drill under them and hence evade their turrets and a gameplay element (requires the POIs to regenerate first)

Bug fixes:

- The stronghold POI had some indestructible turrets and spawners
- Some custom Zirax POIs had indestructible cores
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