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Server Changelog
January 31, 2019

- Completing PDA faction missions now have a negative impact on the player's standing with the opposing factions
- Reverted back to one restart every 12 hours. Check the server settings thread.
February 2, 2019

- The shots from plasma drones now travel 25% faster in order to become more challenging to the player
- Fixed mistake in config, PlasmaDroneV2 not affected by the increased range of high tier drones
February 3, 2019

- Talon ballista bolts travel twice as fast towards their targets than before
- Talon tribesmen are now tougher warriors in battle and their crossbowmen can shoot further away

February 3, 2019

- Talon POIs updated with more crossbowmen
- Added ballista turrets to some Talon POIs that missed them
- Added the instance 'Prison Break' plus its accompanying PDA mission, many thanks to Ashbane for his work
- New portal added at the Ancient Teleporter Bld on Dhalus for the above instance
- Fixed the Xenu Armory and Spaceports POIs where alien containers were hidden behind very thick armor

Changes to POIs always occur after they regenerate, so you may encounter those which are not updated yet
February 7, 2019

- Drone bases now belong to the unspecified Alien faction and hence they now send drones regardless of the player's standing with Zirax
February 8, 2019

- Low level drones fire on a slightly longer distance
- The drones called slow now have increased health points by 100% as they seldom reach the destination anyway before being shot down and considered heavier drones
- Blast radius of bomber drones increased by 1


- Abandoned Mine now has accessible alien containers next to its core
February 9, 2019

- Public Service & Spawn Station in Ningues Orbit and Aestus Orbit, a POI where you can spawn your ships without your own spawn pad
- Fixed Instance 3 - Prison Break, playfield was not enabled in the right sectors.yaml file and the portal building called 'Ancient Teleporter Bld' had not been regenerated
- Unknown Artifact, the floating unarmed version, now contains less rare loot
- Human Sci-Fi cannon (handheld plasma cannon) does 10% less damage
- All alien turrets have vastly increased range, it is technology superior to that of man
- The range of all versions of drones increased considerably except the two easiest types, especially those who attack bases
February 10, 2019

- Heavy Battleship, the strong NPC ship patrolling harder orbits, is no longer "made of paper" but was corrected to have Combat Steel Armor
- The standard NPC planetary PV (red Xenu vessel) used for custom encounters was upgraded to endure better in combat and can probably offer some resistance in battle
- Updated some common POIs, added some turrets to them etc
February 12, 2019

- Added planet Metan, an ultra-hard BarrenMetal starter planet plus its moon. This is a move to satisfy the hardcore players. This planet is close to the impossible, so you have been warned.
February 15, 2019

- Player turrets have got reduced damage output
- Drones once again experienced a tune up
- Implemented Eleon's update to thruster values to config.ecf plus some other such fixes
- Added the mission related Trading Stations to Akua and Tallodar Orbits

Config.ect updates will come live at the following morning restart.

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