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Server Changelog
January 10, 2019

- Fixed PDA mission for Instance 2 - Alien Base
- Added tutorial PDA mission Space Council HQ
January 12, 2019

- Reduced default reputation with Zirax to 1 in order to make it harder to build up. Zirax hates humans.
January 13, 2019

- Change of restart schedule, server now restarts every 8th hour instead @ 3 AM, 11 PM and 7 PM Server Time
- Updated config.ecf to meet Eleon patch 9.1 excluding Space Life Online unique modifications
- NPC Entity spawner +100% health
- Zirax troopers have extended weapon range by about 20% to pose a little more danger to POI attackers
- Alien turrets now have between 20% to 30% more health
- Cyborg sniper weapon now reaches 150 m
- Human turrets have slightly lower health
- Human handheld laser weapons are now slightly more lethal than they already were
- Reduced power consumption of Large Container Controller (incl. harvest and ammo one) by 50%
January 14, 2019

- Zirax mechanized combat platforms get approximately +50% health
Continued January 14, 2019

- Changed Epsilon and Ghost Rider POIs to have an indestructible core
- Increased the amount of rare alien containers on the above POIs to compensate

PDA missions, so-called "daily missions", will soon be added to replace the opportunity for players to salvage POIs as destruction of the core is rendered impossible. See more:
January 15, 2019

- Changed core to indestructible Alien Admin on Rados and Xenu plus Abandoned POIs. And also Unknown ones.
- Added more rare alien containers on the above POIs in an attempt to compensate (will also add missions for the same reason soon)
- Added a Polaris mission (daily) to enter a Xenu Radar Station. Reward is Sathium and Neodymium plus 250 rep.
- Reduced "free loot" on Unknown POIs dramatically
- Talon villages now have ballista turrets and crossbowmen

Remember POIs have to regenerate to apply changes.
January 16, 2019

- Added Zirax mission 'Reclaim the Factory', Polaris counterpart daily mission to compensate for POIs not being able to be salvaged.
January 27, 2019

- Server wiped and restarted with Space Life Online version 3

Planets & Moons:

- Most rare deposits are next to a POI
- Several custom POIs
- Drone bases are no longer destructible and called 'Invincible Drone Base' to the player and is just a mere small platform to send drones
- Both Polaris and Talon POIs now have turret defences nearby
- Polaris faction now has cities on a few planets
- Now you can find private Polaris homes
- Find the Polaris Goods Center and Command Office on some planets
- A few Zirax dominated planets have a Zirax Trading Station
- Zirax has more community centered POIs such as markets and burial sites
- Zirax has increased their focus on developing weapons and you can find research buildings here and there
- On T2 hard planets you can find a Zirax Command Base
- On T3 hard planets you can find a Zirax Stronghold
- Teleporter to Dhalus on Omicron @ Zirax Trading Station
- PvP arena 'Asteroid Field' next to Vaarmyn, labeled carefully to indicate this (this PF is a big exception on the server)
- The start on Kralos is now at the Public Outpost and not Escape Shuttle
- Kralos does not have drone attacks anymore, at all
- Vaarmyn is now a Very Hard starter planet
- All starter planets and orbits, even Vaarmyn, are updated so PDA tutorials and missions attributed to them can be done


- Orbits have been updated to hold much more NPC vessels and stations by default and harder orbits have a Heavy Battleship patrolling within a 5 km radius of its spawn location (previous POI vessel on Ningues) which is going to be part of an upcoming mission
- Orbital Patrol Vessels now patrol a radius of 3000 meters, up from about 1000
- Drones patrol up to 2500 meters instead of just merely 500

Server settings change:

- Even lower class limits and amounts on starter planets, see server settings thread

Bug fixes:

- Emeroon now has POIs
- Drone attack AI should now not break
January 29, 2019

- Added the new A9.3 creature called Creepy to all temperate planets except Akua, plus Vaarmyn
- Plant Monsters no longer spawn as wildlife (Eleon wrote Creepy is to replace it)
- Alienbug02 has a lower spawn chance on Qayop now to match it being T2
- Polaris, Talon and various shelter POIs no longer have destructible cores
January 30, 2019

- High level drones now have roughly 40% longer range in which they will begin their attacks. It only affects higher difficulty planets and starters like Akua aren't affected.

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