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Server Changelog
Find information about what's being changed on the server in this thread.

December 28, 2018

- Server's first scheduled deposit wipe took place, the server will have an automated regeneration of the deposits server-wide every Friday @ GMT 2:55 AM right before restart so they are fresh after the nightly restart.
December 30, 2018

- Added the 'Radar Station' instance
- Modified Ancient Teleporter Bld @ Dhalus to host portal for instance
- Added mission 'The Commander Gone Rogue' found in PDA Team Missions.
January 1, 2019

- Global, Reduced the possible group size of Spider01
- Global, All starters have had the amount of resource rocks increased, hopefully taking effect on next terrain wipe
- Akua, reduced the total number of Spider01 spawning in the forest and marsh biome by 5
- Tallodar, replaced Spider01 for Spider02 and set to spawn in groups of 1 - 3 mobs
- Omicron, made it possible for DesertGolem to spawn in a group of two
- Omicron, increased chance/risk to encounter Raptors at all times on the LowMountains biome

Changes always take effect at the nearest restart after being changed in configuration files.

January 1, 2019

- Added Very Easy Starter planet called Kralos near Dhalus plus Moon
- Reworked PDA a little and added tutorial for Very Easy Starter
January 2, 2019

- Reduced crafting time of Biofuel by 50%
January 6, 2019

- Changed server setting "Constructor speed" to normal, up from slower, with config file modifications left as they are
- Reworked Abandoned and Epsilon POIs to have the so-called Alien Admin Core. For info read
- Added daily server restart at 9 PM Server Time

The instance to be called 'Alien Base' is delayed due to technical issues with programming mission conditions. It is being worked on.

January 6, 2019

- Also changed Ghost Rider and Rados POIs into Alien Admin Core.
January 8, 2019

- Added Patreon as a donation option for Space Life Online @

- Finished changing Xenu POIs into new standard with Alien Admin Core. All done. (actually finished yesterday, announced today)
January 9, 2019

- Server updated to Alpha 9.1

- Added Space Life Online Creative Server, for our community needs. Has a 4 slot limit and game mode Creative.

January 9, 2019

- Fixed Ancient Teleporter Bld on Tallodar, doors were not on public
- Added Ancient Teleporter Bld on Akua to replace the regenerating Trading Station
- Ancient Teleporter Bld on Akua hosts a ONE-WAY teleporter to Kralos, the very easy starter
- Added the instance 'Alien Base', a medium difficulty but long instance
- Inserted portal to Alien Base (see above) in Dhalus Ancient Teleporter Bld
- Space Council HQ on Dhalus now has several traders

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