Poll: Are the NPCs on the server too hard?
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Yes, all mobs need to be drastically less power
0 0%
Some mobs are too tough [please specify which if you want]
2 40.00%
No, they are good as they are and so keep up the good work!
2 40.00%
Absolutely not, I am dissatisfied with your incompetence when it comes to make things hard! Be ashamed and shape up!
1 20.00%
Total 5 vote(s) 100%
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Are the NPCs on the server too hard?
Might as well add a second new poll asking if you find the mobs too hard and if some particular mob is too OP.
A lot harder than vanilla and early game with no equipment being 1/2 shot killed by a random talon guy as I started out unfriendly! Was a shock but when geared up I can imagine it will be about right
Where is the drastically more power button ? :Big Grin I kid I kid
(03-12-2019, 07:13 PM)EPICOSE Wrote: Where is the drastically more power button ? :Big Grin I kid I kid

There's a typo in the first alternative, sounds silly
It takes a little getting use to killing the mob's on this server compared to a normal SP game. But all is good apart from the too small hit zone on the red scorpion gits, but that's true for a standard game as well. As they say in the Warhammer 4K games " walk softly & carry a big gun " words to live by, or die less often. Tongue
On Akua, a medium to low starter planet I guess? light armour just doesnt cut it, and even heavy armour I found myself pack fetching for quite some time to get clear with my loot. Not a problem late game you just go, meh, and leave it. But early on you wanna hang onto all you got!

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