Poll: Are the POIs on Space Life Online too hard?
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Yes, they are all too hard!
1 20.00%
Sometimes, one or a few are too hard [please write a post specifying which if you want]
1 20.00%
No, they're good as they are.
2 40.00%
No, you must do better to offer a challenge. Bring me hardcore!
1 20.00%
Total 5 vote(s) 100%
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Are the POIs on Space Life Online too hard?
Besides choosing your option please tell if there is something which is uniquely hard.

Some POIs are made to be hard by default, so keep that in mind while voicing your opinion and I believe that things should offer a challenge.
Haven’t hit any yet but can imagine they are brutal considering random mobs more tactics needed less rush in and expect to absorb shots I think learning curve away from vanilla
I think there are just too many of them at once like 5 total horrors at once and spawning like crazy is mad bring down the numbers of them and i will be alright and also lower the damage of ranged enemies ranged enemies in pois are pretty damn strong.
The ones I have wandered into seem to scale well, in other words early game you can stick your toe in and get a few bits, but if you want to head in further you better be well kitted out.

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