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Block & Item Modifications
On Space Life Online there's been put down quite some time into tuning the difficulty and gameplay value. Here's being presented in brief what's been changed.

Server uses a customized 'config.ecf', the file which determines the entity values for every item and block in the game. The changes are made in order to offer a better PvE experience and offer a better realism.

- SV wings restricted to amount 4 and health points reduced by approximately 50%, to combat an exploit of using wings as layered armor
- Sniper rifles do double damage per shot but half the rate of fire (to make it feel like a sniper rifle)
- Mounted miniguns have reduced range and damage but an increased rate of fire (for realism)
- 30 mm cannons have increased range
- Player mounted weapons have slightly reduced health points
- Alien turrets are more lethal; increased health, range, speed of projectiles and slightly increased damage (5-10%)
- Multi-tool & T2 drill has slightly increased range
- Color & Texture tools have +10 m range
- Slower production of many items
- Concrete requires 1x Water Container and slightly more stone but makes 5x concrete items
- Drones, except low tier ones (Akua & Tallodar), have about +50% health points, and drones do more damage (5-10% on avg)
- Spider01 has 25% less health
- Bug02 has approximately -20% health
- Both Bug02 and Bug03 have -15% melee damage

The changes are debatable and only part of an attempt at enhancing your PvE experience and hence all good intentions. Personally, I don't like to see a game which is too easy and which does not offer quite the challenge. The slower crafting times are there so you feel you need to manage machinery and have multiple constructors so it feels like an industry, and not to implement grinding on you.

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