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Structure Limits

Max number of structures on each playfield respectively:
- 1x Faction BA, 1x Player BA
- 3x Faction CV, 1x Player CV
- 4x Faction HV, 1x Player HV
- Unlimited amount of SVs

Comment: If you use default button 'N' you can connect anything you build to your current base even if it is 100 meters away, if you feel the amount of bases is limiting. This is a way to counteract the exploit of building multiple bases to circumvent the turret limit per BA structure.


Max size class is unlimited except for Kralos, Akua, Tallodar, Omicron and Dhalus, limits:
- Akua & Tallodar BA 4, CV 5
- Omicron BA 5, CV 7
- Kralos BA 2, CV 4
- Dhalus Orbit: BA 2
- Dhalus: No structure at all

Comment: Limits are in place in order to balance the server load and encourage players to explore and move to new playfields.

Custom Block Limits on Space Life Online:
- SV Wing Blocks = 6
- SV Modular Wing Blocks = 14

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