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Server settings
The following settings are currently used on Space Life Online:

Starting equipment: Medium/custom
Experience gain: Normal
Degradation speed: Normal

Radiation & Temperature: Normal
Food drain: Normal
Oxygen drain: Normal

Deposits size: Rich/Custom
Deposits amount: Plentiful

Enemy attack: Hard
NPC spawn rate: Normal
Drone presence: High
Drone base attack: Hard

Constructor speed: Normal
Blueprint speed: Normal
Max server structures: 7000
Max size class: Unlimited - Except Akua, Tallodar, Omicron and Dhalus, limits:
- Akua and Tallodar BA 4, CV 5
- Omicron BA 5, CV 7
- Kralos: BA 2, CV 4
- Dhalus Orbit: BA 2
- Dhalus: No structure at all

Auto-regenerate POIs: Yes, every 12 hours

Full Planet Wipes: Server only wipes planets/orbits/moons on demand
Starter planet wipe: No (size class limits meant to discourage people from lingering)

Max blueprint spawn: Size class 7
BP-spawn requires BA platform: Yes

Wipe terrain & deposits (restore resources): All terrain and deposits every Friday at GMT +1 2:55 am. Remove Auto-Miners, Water generators, portable constructors etc or they will be deleted by the system.

Auto-Miner depletion: Yes
Daily restart schedule @ Server Time (GMT +1):

- 9 AM, with full backup
- 3 PM, restart only

A restart normally takes just a few minutes and you can leave your things are they are prior to it.


- Full backup @ 3 AM
- Structure backup every hour

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